Bruschetta with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and chorizo 150 g 100 UAH
Bruschetta with prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes and avocado 190 g 120 UAH
Bruschetta with salmon, ginger and cream cheese 170 g 110 UAH
Bruschetta Nero with squids, shrimps and avocado 180 g 125 UAH
Italian Antipasto Platter (chorizo, salchichon, prosciutto, coppa) 210 g 340 UAH
Noble Cheese Platter (Camembert, Dor Blu, Emmental, Cheddar, honey, pear, nuts) 330 g 265 UAH
Veal carpaccio 200 g 300 UAH
Salmon carpaccio with tomato salsa and lemon dressing 200 g 200 UAH
Salmon tartar with shrimp sauce and cheese  165 g 250 UAH
Veal tartar with gherkins and capers 165 g 270 UAH
Spicy herring with baked potatoes 420 g 135 UAH


Greek salad 250 g 120 UAH
“Caprese” salad 220 g 150 UAH
Salmon salad with crispy egg and citrus dressing 300 g 180 UAH
Shrimp salad with orange and cream-cheese 250 g 220 UAH
Smoked eel salad with avocado and smoky egg 220 g 200 UAH
Grilled chicken salad with cherry tomatoes and bacon 330 g 150UAH
Chicken liver salad with pear and Feta cheese 250 g 145 UAH
Salad with celery, chicken fillet and apples with yogurt dressing 240 g 120 UAH
Warm veal salad with cherry tomatoes, black olives and parmesan 250 g 200 UAH


Duck fillet with spicy ice-cream 290 g 210 UAH
Seafood saute in Dor Blue sauce 450 g 350 UAH
Mussels in cream-cheese \ spicy tomato sauce 400 g 215 UAH
Deep-fried Camambert with berry sauce and almond petals 200\50 g 200 UAH
Grilled Camambert with blackberry sauce and ciabatta toasts 125\50 g 170 UAH


Cream soup with porcini mushrooms and champignons 350 g 120 UAH
Creamy chicken soup with Camembert 350 g 130 UAH
Seafood tomato soup 300 g 250 UAH
Creamy fish soup 350 g 120 UAH
Broccoli cream soup 350 g 90 UAH


Mushroom risotto 320 g 180 UAH
Golden risotto with scallops and tuna flakes 350 g 260 UAH
Eggplant lasagna 250 g 130 UAH
Bolognese meat lasagna 360 g 160 UAH
Pasta Carbonara 350 g 170 UAH
Veal pasta with porcini mushrooms in Dor Blue sauce 350 g 275 UAH
Nero shrimps pasta with cream-blueberry sauce 300 g 200 UAH
Salmon pasta with avocado 350 g 175 UAH
4 Cheese pasta 350 g 150 UAH
Salmon ravioli with cream-shrimp sauce 350 g 220 UAH
Mushroom ravioli 400 g 180 UAH
Veal ravioli with tomato sauce 400 g 200 UAH
Ricotta ravioli with spinach 350 g 140 UAH


Trout fillet steak with broccoli in Dor Blue sauce  140/130/50 g 340 UAH
Pike-perch in black chips 400 g 270 UAH
Sea bass fillet baked with vegetables 450 g 350 UAH


Veal filled with Mozzarella and mashed cauliflower 250/150 g 270 UAH
Pork neek with pineapple chili and French fries 220/120/150 g 270 UAH
Duck fillet with fruit and cherry sauce 120/85 g 280 UAH
Chicken fillet with mashed green peasand pineapple sauce 200/150 g 220 UAH


Veal steak with basil sauce, potato wedges and almond petals 250/50/150 g 350 UAH
Cowboy steak with cherry sauce and crushed parmesan 250/50 g 400 UAH
Ribeye with spicy sweetcorns and potato gratin 250/150/200 g 460 UAH


Mashed potatoes with parmesan 250 g 50 UAH
Baked potatoes with rosemary 180 g 50 UAH
French fries with optional sauce (ketchup / barbeque / cheese / sweet chili / hot chili) 200/50 g 60 UAH
Grilled vegetables  200 g 100 UAH
Couscous with vegetables 400 g 50 UAH


Margarita 550 g 130 UAH
6 Cheese pizza
(Mozzarella, Dorblu, Emmental, Parmesan, Chedder, Cream cheese, arugula)
550 g 270 UAH
Chicken pineapple pizza
(chicken fillet, champignons, pineapple, cheese sauce, arugula)
550 g 250 UAH
Diabolo pizza with spicy salami and jalapeno
(Mozzarella, chorizo, smoked pork, ham, jalapeno, Yalta onion)
500 g 220 UAH
Nero seafood pizza
(salmon fillet, tiger shrimps, seafood mix, black olives, arugula, garlic)
500 g 270 UAH
Pepperoni pizza
(Mozzarella, salami, black olives, sweet pepper)
550 g 170 UAH
Smoked sausage pizza
(hunter`s sausages, Mozzarella, pickles, bell pepper, Yalta onion, black olives)
650 g 190 UAH
Ricotta pizza with spinach and pine nuts
(Ricotta cheese, Mozzarella, spinach leaf, pine nut)
600 g 260 UAH


Cheesecake with berries 250 g 100 UAH
Chocolate fondant with strawberry sorbet and vanilla ice-cream 200 g 90 UAH
Mille-feuille 250 g 120 UAH
Carrot cake with an ice-cream ball 180 g 110 UAH
Meringue with cheese cream and fruits 200 g 70 UAH
Berry sorbets with chocolate chips and almond petals 330 g 90 UAH
Ice cream with Oreo cookies and almond petals 200 g 115 UAH
Choux pastry with lemon curd 250 g 90 UAH


Ciabatta 40 g 15 UAH
Shvarcbrot 50 g 20 UAH
Focaccia with rosemary 260 g 45 UAH
Focaccia with sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan 270 g 50 UAH