Salmon carpaccio flavored with ginger, grapefruit and Parmesan 170 g 225 UAH
Veal carpaccio on Rocca salad served with sauce “Dijon” 200 g 175 UAH
Salmon Tartar served with creamy cheese, tobiko caviar and sesame sauce 125/125/40 g 230 UAH
Veal Tartar with capers, sun-dried tomatoes and quail egg 165 g 155 UAH
Filleted herring pickled in brine with potatoes and marinated onion 230 g 75 UAH
Veal roast Beef served with sauce “Vitello tonnato” with capers and cherry tomatoes 225 g 175 UAH
Testing plate (Parma ham, pork neck coppa, spianata romana salami) 150/30/15 g 220 UAH
Homemade meat plate served with “Creamy horseradish” sauce (pork, chicken roll, boiled tongue) 150/50 g 145 UAH
Homemade pickles (tomatoes, cucumbers, sauerkraut) 350 g 70 UAH
Cheese plate served with honey, grapes and walnut (Mozzarella, Caciocfvallo, Parmesan, Dorblu) 120/20/50/20 g 155 UAH


Greek salad with royal olives and Feta cheese 250 g 90 UAH
“Caprese” mozzarella and tomatoes served with balsamic caramel 220 g 90 UAH
Celery salad with Chicken filled, apples, Dorblu cheese served with yougurt sauce 240 g 95 UAH
Salad with tiger shrims, avocado, grapefruit slices and Grana Padano cheese 250 g 185 UAH
Salad with slightly salted salmon and quail eggs 250 g 185 UAH
“Nisuas” salad with potatoes, sparrow grass, tomatoes and tuna 220 g 115 UAH
“Olivie” salad with slightly salted salmon and tobiko caviar 270 g 145 UAH
“Caesar” salad with warm filled of chicken and egg 210 g 110 UAH
Roast beef salad with cherry tomatoes and Parmesan cheese 260 g 155 UAH


Tiger shrimps with zucchini and avocado cream served with sweet pepper sauce 60/120/30 g 255 UAH
Brochette of mussels, baked in bacon with potatoes and Rocca salad 100/80/40 g 155 UAH
Mussels stewed in white wine with Provencal herbs and sun-dried tomatoes 300 g 187 UAH


Fish soup with pike perch filled, tomatoes and herb greens 300 g 75 UAH
Marseilles cream soup 300 g 220 UAH
Oxtail soul with tortellini, spinach and tomatoes 300 g 70 UAH
Veal borsch with garlic pampushkas 350/50/2pc 90 UAH
White mushrooms cream-soup with truffle oil 300 g 160 UAH
Broccoli cream soup 300 g 80 UAH


Fettuccine with creamy sauce, salmon and green peas 280 g 180 UAH
Fettuccine with blue mussels, cherry tomatoes and Parmesan cheese 380 g 160 UAH
Fettuccine Carbonara 320 g 105 UAH
Fettuccine with white mushrooms and truffle oil 280 g 155 UAH
Meat lasagna, baked with Mozzarella cheese 360 g 145 UAH
Ravioli with tiger shrimps and young cheese served with zucchini 260 g 160 UAH
Risotto with spinach, tiger shrimps and spicy Basil oil 300 g 200 UAH
Risotto with white mushrooms and Parmesan cheese 270 g 160 UAH


Crispy Breaded Perch filled served with creamy sauce and Parmesan cheese 180/75/30 g 255 UAH
Sea Bass fillet “in a rural way” with the thyme, black olives and sun-dried tomatoes 115/80/80/50 g 330 UAH
Dorado fillet baked in parchment paper with mashed green peas and carrot and ginger sauce 115/50/30/50 g 390 UAH
River Trout fillet with mashed celery, baked eggplant and fried champignons 120/100/20/50 g 275 UAH
Norwegian trout fillet in beetroot glaze and Dorblu sauce served with broccoli 140/60/20 g 300 UAH


Veal medallions, baked with prosciutto and tomato slices served with Mozzarella cheese 260 g 250 UAH
Veal filled on a potato flat cake with a mix of mushrooms served with mustard and wine sauce 130/120/50 g 250 UAH
Pork medallions, baked with bacon served with wine sauce and prunes 120/120/50 g 220 UAH
Duck breast, baked with apples gratin and a celery in orange sauce 120/120/70 g 250 UAH
Goose leg “confit” in the “Hoisin” sauce glaze with a stewed celery served with oranges 190/100/50 g 290 UAH
Turkey meatballs with mashed potatoes served with creamy and mushroom sauce 150/180/50 g 145 UAH


Veal steak in basil sauce, mustard and red onions. Served with baked potatoes and rosemary 250/120/50 g 260 UAH
Veal steak in creamy and peppery sauce 250/30/50г g 295 UAH
Veal steak in creamy and mustard sauce 250/30/50 g 290 UAH
Pork neck steak in “Adjika” sauce. Served with grilled zucchini 250/ 70/50 g 200 UAH


Mashed potatoes 180 g 35 UAH
Spinach in creamy sauce with Parmesan cheese 180 g 80 UAH
Potatoes baked with rosemary and garlic 180 g 35 UAH
Grilled vegetables with Provence herbs and balsamic caramel 230 g 90 UAH
French-fried with tomato and garlic sauce 120/50 g 45 UAH


“Creamy horseradish” sauce 50 g 15 UAH
“Adjika” sauce 50 g 15 UAH
“Chimichurri” sauce 50 g 20 UAH
Wine and mustard sauce 50 g 25 UAH


Margarita 400 g 100 UAH
4 chesses
(Mozzarella, Dorblu, Emmental, Parmesan, walnuts)
450 g 155 UAH
4 seasons
(Mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, salami, olive oil, sauce Pilate, basil)
500 g 140 UAH
(Mozzarella, chiken fillet, pineapple, sauce Pilate, olive oil)
400 g 105 UAH
Bon Vivant
(Mozzarella, Parma ham, Rocca salad)
400 g 155 UAH
(Mozzarella, salami pepperoni, black olives, Bulgarian pepper, sauce Pilate, Tabasco sauce)
400 g 160 UAH


Panna cotta with berry sauce 140 g 58 UAH
Poppy chocolate and nut sauce pie 130 g 70 UAH
Fruit cake with orange sauce and the scoop of the ice cream 180 g 75 UAH
Profiteroles with chocolate sauce 180 g 65 UAH
Ice cream under chocolate icing and walnuts 120 g 50 UAH
Pistachio ice cream with mint liqueur Marie Brizard, maple syrup and pinenuts 110 g 60 UAH


Ciabatta 40 g 10 UAH
Shvarcbrot 80 g 10 UAH


Cranberry juice 200 g 25 UAH
Uzvar 200 g 15 UAH